Tiny Tunes Piano Lesson


Piano Lesson Learning Program NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx & Long Island! Piano Program for ages 3yrs and up! 20 years of experience in schools, private lessons and daycares!

Welcome to the home of the Tiny Tunes Piano Learning Program! For over 20 years we have brought our learning program into private homes and preschools!

Why Give Your Child Piano Lessons?

We all agree that music enriches the lives of children. Learning Piano develops critical skills such as cognitive development and spatial temporal reasoning. These skills boost understanding of complicated subject matters such as math and science. Piano helps with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development.

Tiny Tunes Piano Learning Program

Children gain self-esteem as their playing improves! Performing boosts confidence, and teaches them how to set and reach long-term goals.

We also teach flute, guitar and recorder!